CITR: 011027-BEB-0013


Festival della mente

Festival della Mente – The Festival of the Mind is the first European festival devoted to creativity and thought processes. It takes place in Sarzana...
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Sconfinando ( in english trespassing) is an international festival of music and sounds from the world,now recognized among the most important events on the national...
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Libri per strada

Starting from 1991, the Sarzanese summer, rich in events, opens with the exhibition “the books down the street, the streets of the book,” cultural happening...
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ParallelaMente is the ”event off” contemporaneous with the Festival of the Mind. Organized by Massimo Biava and Alessandro Picci, takes place in the streets and...
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La Calandriniana

The Calandriniana is an art workshop, where is shown in a beautiful square,Piazza Calandrini, what an artist usually does deep inside the privacy of the...
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