CITR: 011027-BEB-0013

Territory. Sarzana

Between Liguria and Toscana.


Known for its beautiful old town, Sarzana, it continues to attract visitors with important events. For many years, big summer event, é ” La Soffitta nella Strada ”, an exhibition of antique objects for collectors, fine crafts. The ” Festival Of the Mind ”, which takes place in early September, the ” Acoustic Guitar Festival ” and ” Sconfinando ”, for music. There are many events, exhibitions, presentations, initiatives … For the first time unique cities in Liguria, Sarzana entered the top 100 of ” Happy 2015 Villages ”, a ” survey ” that takes account of social and economic well-being, quality of services, as well as air quality and several other parameters that have led to this success. And it is true, that in Sarzana is good and we have always known it.  Placed in the Centre of Lunigiana, the town of Sarzana was always been a crossroads of important communications among Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Today is well connected to all the towns that surround it by an efficient bus service, and more generally by railway lines that serve the area thoroughly. Agricultural, commercial and strategic Center, in its history has seen succession many conquerors whose trace remains in historic buildings, in churches, in the Cathedral, in the neck as the Sarzanello fortress, the Citadel (Firmafede Fortress), doors and towers that characterize the rich architecture of this city where, during the year, there are many events of international importance. A note on it is also up to the kitchen sarzanese serving as farinata, the buns, the testaroli. Typical sweet of Sarzana is Spongata, a cake made from puff pastry and filled with raisins, nuts and jam. Around Sarzana we also produce white wines, such as Vermentino Colli di Luni. Sarzana is located in Liguria, in the low val di Magra, where Hwy della Cisa, meets the via Aurelia. The city is located in the heart of Lunigiana, a direct descendant of the ancient Roman town of Luni, which replaced in terms of religious importance in the early 13th century. Furthermore, Sarzana (whose name in the Middle Ages was Castrum Sarzana) has ancient origins; known as early as the first Millennium, has a fascinating history, dominated by several gentlemen and city. Castruccio Castracani, Spinetta Malaspina, the Pisans, the Visconti, the Genoese and Florentines also the great poet, Dante Alighieri, stayed in the Center. . The town has two castles, the fortress Firmafede, Pisan and the Sarzanello fortress, old Episcopal residence. Today the walled sixteenth century village is almost intact, with walls and four towers. The City Centre develops along the streets Bertoloni and via Mazzini, Mascardi and Fiasella, the beautiful area called ” Citadella ” and many other ancient alleyways, now c leaned and filled with flowers. All the old town was protected by ancient walls, sometimes still visible and two massive gates, that they locked the walls. The North has taken the name of Porta Parma; the door to the South took the name of Porta Romana. The city is right in the old stretch of the Via Francigena. In fact on these streets and overlook numerous palaces and churches such as the palazzo Podestà Lucciardi Remedi, the Town Hall, the Church of Saint Andrew, the oldest sacred building, the Palace Picedi Benettini, the Bishop’s Palace, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, founded on the remains of the parish church of San Basilio, the theatre of the brave.  You can stroll around the Centre, a classic the walk along the stream Calcandola (mostly dry), which passes near the Church of St John the Baptist, known as the Capuchin church. Nearby, you can visit the village of Falcinello, a small village in the hills where time flows slower, it is a nice green area. Castelnuovo, has a beautiful old town and is definitely worth a visit. Very pretty is Bocca di Magra, with its cute wild boars of the Roman Villa. And then.. Montemarcello, unmissable, among the most 100 most beautiful villages in Italy.  There’s the sea of Sarzana, Marinella with its beaches, the beaches of Marina di Carrara, white tip, Punta Corvo, and the sea of Lerici and surroundings. Indeed there are many beautiful bays. You can visit the archaeological excavations of Luni, an ancient Roman port and vital, of which remains still an amphitheatre and several remnants. For those who like hiking, there are many paths that wind in Montemarcello Magra and River Park, where you can see different species of birds, fish, amphibians, terrestrial animals, so generous and varied flora and fauna.  There are several sites that offer, detailed descriptions of beautiful paths surrounded by nature along the river. For some time was also organized a shuttle connecting the Outlet Village, Shopinn, of Brugnato.