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Prices and payments

Prices and payment methods

Payments must be made in cash when arrive, checks are not accepted neither credit card. We rely heavily on trust and believe in the responsibility of persons for which, in case you need to cancel, please notify us within 7 days of your non-arrival, in order to give us the opportunity to replace your booking with other guests.

All rooms have private bathrooms. With us, children under three are free, while for children under 12 the price is half fare.. All rates include breakfast. City tax, is EUR 1.50, which excludes children who are less than 12 years. The total cost of the stay must be paid upon arrival. If there was demand, we will consider long term staying.

High season

from july 15 to semptember 10

 The double room in HIGH SEASON,  costs 65 € per night, while the single room ( use as single), in high season has a price of 50 euro per night.

Average season

from june 1 to july 15 and from december 24 to january 7

AVERAGE SEASON The double room, has a cost of 55€, if for single use are 45€.

Low season

remaining days of calendar

In the LOW SEASON, the DOUBLE ROOM costs 50€, if used as single room 40€.

The addition of  the third bed,  provides  an increase from 15 to 25 €, depending on the season and the age of the guest.

An oasis of peace

Bed & Breakfast Agorà in Sarzana; simple, homely, we wish you to feel at ease.

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