CITR: 011027-BEB-0013

Territory. Apuan Alps

Tra Liguria e Toscana.


The Apuan Alps are unique mountains, which arise from the sea. Stand out from the nearby Apennines due to rough morphology, with their impressive slopes and valleys deeply engraved and very slanted. The Apuan Alps are known for the beauty of its marbles and deep abysses and large cavities in the karst underground. The geographical position of the Massif, its exposure and the different nature of the rocks determine the presence of environments as varied and contrasting, that promote the wealth of flora and fauna of the area. There are many organized excursions on the Apuan Alps, paths, Lee. Remained for many years a popular niche or reserved for locals, in the era of the Internet, have proven to the world in all their beauty and authenticity.