CITR: 011027-BEB-0013

Territory. Lunigiana

Between Liguria and Toscana.


Italian historical region whose confinements articulate between Liguria and Tuscany, the Lunigiana draws his/her own name from the ancient city of Luni, that, situated to the Thin mouth of the river, in Roman epoch it was the I bring more main point than the Ligure Sea. The traces millennaries of the history of this marvelous earth contained among the Appennineses, the Alps Apune and the Ligure Sea are present anywhere. Mysterious give statues stele of the Liguri-Apuanis, to the Roman archaeological sites, from the Romanesque parishes to the numerous castles and medieval suburbs, to the buildings barocchi.During the Second World war you/he/she was crossed by the Gothic Line, really for his/her location the territory was one of the most important grounds of action of the partisan formations, torn to pieces by numerous and terrible slaughters German and fascist retaliations towards the civil populations. The history of this earth also finds again him in the ingradientis of its kitchen as the Porky ones and the chestnuts, the meats and the cheeses of sheep and goat, the bread, the bean of Bigliolo, the onion of Treschietto, the apples Small wheel and Binotto, the oil and the honey and in the numerous feasts, parties and demonstrations that characterize the whole territory.