CITR: 011027-BEB-0013

Territory. Carrara Marble Quarries

Tra Liguria e Toscana.


In the charming scenery of the Apuan Alps are the white Carrara marble marble basins where winding roads and steep climb up steep peaks. The three main basins of Colonnata, Miseglia and Torano come seven varieties of marble (white, the statuary, the Veined, Arabescato, Calacata, Bardiglio and Cipollino Doormat) made him famous throughout the world for its historic uses in sculpture and architecture. Guided tours allow us to enter into the most spectacular cave in evocative ambience where you lose your sense of time and proportions. In the past the marble blocks were transported to the floor with an ancient Manual technique, the “lizzatura” which is commemorated every year during the summer. Millennial quarrymen villages surround the Carrara quarries and offer visitors the opportunity to taste the typical local dishes like pasta and beans, marinated codfish and lard, within a unique and unrepeatable. After more than 2,000 years history of Carrara is still closely tied to the stone of its mountains. Continues to send for mari the precious Calacata marble sculptors, and hands, the Fine Arts Academy, and to those who love this stone, to talk about themselves as the world capital of marble.